Lively and entertaining, Rae’s early childhood education keynotes are also informative and thought-provoking. Join her as she explores the possibilities for a world in which the whole child is recognized, respected, and taught — and where children experience childhood as it was meant to be!

Rae presents her speeches to parents, educators, schools, and professional groups throughout North America. Some of her audiences have included:

  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Eric Jensen’s Learning Brain Expo
  • American Montessori Society
  • Southern Early Childhood Association
  • American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
  • Head Start Bureau
  • National Association for Family Child Care
  • Universities and colleges
  • State WIC organizations and health departments
  • Education conferences, resource & referral agencies, and schools in 46 states and Canada
early childhood keynote speakers

“… I saw her present … in an auditorium with theatre seating, more than 500 people, and she had everyone on their feet moving around ….The down side is that she’s a hard act to follow so your next conference has to be really special!!”

“I wish we could bring you to this event every year!! Your inspiration and call to advocacy are truly outstanding!!”

“You were fabulous!!!! The staff had nothing but raves about the day….There was positive feedback on the value of the information you shared, but especially, on how knowledgeable you were about your topic.”

early childhood keynote speakers

“You’re an inspiration to me. I have to tell you that I was starting to question the direction of ECE and then I went to your presentation and was refilled with the reasons I got into the field. Thank you for giving me back my purpose.”

Educating the Whole — Thinking, Feeling, Moving — Child

Developmentally appropriate practice dictates that we educate the whole child in an integrated fashion. But more than ever the trend is toward the mind and body as separate entities, with children regarded as existing only from the neck up. We have the research that proves how children learn; now we have to implement best practice! Rae’s presentation informs, entertains, and empowers as she explores the possibilities for uniting mind and body.

Why Does Sitting Still Equal Learning?

This presentation debunks the myth that the mind and body are separate and unrelated and demonstrates why it’s vital that active learning and physical activity be part of the classroom and the school day, for the sake of both the body and the mind. The research is clear: sitting increases fatigue and reduces concentration but physical activity stimulates the brain!

What If Everybody Understood Child Development?

Based on her book of the same name, this keynote explores the possibilities for children’s lives and education if teachers, parents, and policymakers fully comprehended child development. What changes would occur in schools and homes? How would it affect you? Rae invites you to join her in imagining a brand new world in which the unique and magical period of childhood is understood and valued.

Childhood at Risk: How Can We Rescue It?

In her nearly four decades as an early childhood consultant, Rae has seen trends come and go. Recently, however, early childhood professionals from all around the country tell her the same three stories. Rae informs, entertains, and empowers as she shares these three surprising trends and explores the possibilities for a world in which child development is understood, the whole child is recognized and respected, and children experience childhood as it was meant to be!

NOTE: Rae will design her early education keynote specifically to meet your needs! Contact her today to explore the possibilities.

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