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Become a Champion for Play & Joyful Learning: Simple Strategies to Educate Parents, Administrators, & Policymakers!

How to Keep ‘Em Off the Walls:

Avoid Challenging Behavior in Your Early Childhood Setting

Make Transitions Trouble-Free & Teachable!

Too Tired to Teach: How to Get Beyond Burnout & Find Your Joy Again

“I shouldn’t have to defend play for children any more than I should have to defend their eating, sleeping, and breathing!”

– Rae Pica

About Rae

My mission is to do everything I can to ensure children have the opportunity to be children — and that child development guides all of our practices with them!

Consultant for:
Centers for Disease Control Sesame Street Research Department
Bright Horizons Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues
Hasbro Chicago Children’s Museum
Mattel Nike
Head Start Bureau Gymboree


What Others are Saying

“You are truly a service to all educators. What a gift you are!”
~ Eric Jensen, Jensen Learning

“You are truly a blessing to children and their caretakers.”
~ Chris Dreher, Napa CA

“It was a wonderful morning of learning and the teachers loved your presentation. Thank you for sharing such a powerful message!”
~ Jane Richardson, Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator
Alexandria City Public Schools

“Thank you for an amazing presentation about child development! Excellent information to kick off our virtual conference.”
~ Ed Cosentino, President
Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals

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    early childhood educators!

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