Rae jokingly contends that she has a “writing disease.” At the completion of each new book, she typically decides she doesn’t have another one in her. But as of 2020, she has authored 21 books. She is currently writing her 22nd, Spark a Revolution in Early Childhood Education: Speaking Up for Yourselves and the Little Ones, to be published in 2022.

In addition to writing books, Rae is a frequent blogger who uses the medium to educate and advocate. She is the lyricist for the original songs in the Moving & Learning Series and a fan of piggyback songs, which are found in many of her activity books.

Rae has also contributed to numerous publications, including George Morrison’s Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education, and Beginnings and Beyond: Foundations in Early Childhood Education by Ann Gordon and Kate Brown. She has been a columnist for Young Children,, and Teaching Elementary Physical Education, and has blogged for Huffington Post Education. Her work appeared in numerous other print and online publications, including Exchange Magazine and Parent Toolkit, a parent resource produced by NBC News Learn.

As a member of the task force of the National Association for Sport & Physical Education (NASPE, now SHAPE America), Rae helped create guidelines for early childhood physical activity.

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