What if everybody understood child development?

That was the title of the piece I wrote for Huffington Post in 2013. The piece drew such an overwhelming response that I eventually wrote a book with the same title. The book is full of questions similar to the one in the title — like,

“Why Does Sitting Still Equal Learning?”
“The Earlier the Better?”
“When Did a Hug Become a Bad Thing?” and
“iPads or Play Dough?”

What if everybody understood child development? What if all education policies were made with that understanding in mind? What if all education questions were approached from the perspective of the child? What if schools and the school day were planned with the needs of children in mind? What if all programs, projects, problems, and solutions were truly kid-centric?

These are the kinds of questions I’m asking here – because I believe that if everybody understood child development, children’s education and lives would be so much better.

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