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Are you frustrated by the inability of administrators and/or policymakers to understand child development and children’s needs? Maybe you’d like to speak out but want a bit of help finding the right words. Or maybe you know the right words but are concerned they’ll fall on deaf ears.

Well, you’re not alone. In fact, I hear from early childhood educators every day who are facing these same challenges.

The help you’ve been looking for is here!

When you’ve tried everything you can think of to get through to administrators and policymakers but nothing seems to be working, you need a new approach. That’s where an outside source can help. And it’s why early childhood educators asked me to produce these brochures, written on a variety of hot-button topics they themselves suggested.

Designed for Multiple Uses

These tri-fold brochures are in PDF form and can be reproduced as often as you like, for as long as you like. Simply print the brochures in landscape mode and double-sided (flipped on the short edge) so they’ll fold properly.

You’ll have immediate access to the brochures and will able to share them for years to come.

Wondering how you might use them? You can:
  • Send them anonymously.
  • Simply say “I have a brochure on this. Would you like to see it?”
  • Mail them to decision makers adding your thoughts in an accompanying note.
  • Use the points made in the brochures as a template for something you put together yourself. Policymakers are sometimes more receptive to personalized communication particularly if it’s accompanied by a personal story.

Here’s What You Get

Six professionally written brochures on key topics that administrators and policymakers often need to be educated about:

Earlier Isn’t Better – In a desire to help children “succeed” as soon as possible, decision makers have pushed down curriculum and now require children to accomplish what they’re not yet ready to accomplish. But this fails to take child development into consideration.

Why Play Matters – Although it’s a biological drive and something nature intended for the young of almost all species (including humans!), play is too often seen these days as a “frill” and is therefore being eliminated from early education and children’s lives. The negative impact is significant.

Sitting Does Not Equal Learning – When adults think of learning, they often think of sitting at desks because that’s how they learned in school. That may have made sense before we had research showing how children – and the brain – actually learn, but today we have that research!

Worksheets Do Not Equal Learning – Young children are active learners who require three-dimensional experiences. Worksheets are static and two-dimensional and do not lend themselves to authentic learning.

What You Should Know About Screen Use – As the research begins to catch up, we’re discovering some frightening effects of screen use that are not worth the risk. The more time children spend with computers, the less time they have for the experiences they need to thrive.

Why Recess Matters – The elimination of recess/outdoor play in favor of more “instructional time” shows a shocking disregard for the research about the brain’s need for breaks and about the many ways in which the mind and body must work together.

What Your Peers Are Saying

“I’m so excited about these handouts and can’t wait to show everyone at our school! Thank you for creating these!”
Lauren Boyle, Founder & Curriculum Director, Lupine Lane School

“These are great – such a useful resource!”
Kathy Brodie, Early Years Training Specialist & Author

But I’ve Saved the Best Part for Last:
The Price!

What would these materials be worth to you if they convinced your administrator to do what’s best for children on even one of these key issues?  A lot, right?

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It’s true. For less that the price of a cup of coffee, you’ll have professionally written material on 6 key issues that you can share with anyone you choose.

So, What Are You Waiting for?

Imagine all your frustration with administrators and policymakers melting away as you let these informative brochures “do the talking” for you.

Imagine your co-workers looking at you with new respect as you put these brochures to work to create change.

Imagine the joy on the faces of the children you serve as your work leads to positive changes in their lives.

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Earlier Is Better
Why Play Matters
Sitting Does Not Equal Learning
Worksheets Do Not Equal Learning
What You Should Know About Screen Use
Why Recess Matters

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