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Of the two courses, I believe it makes the most sense to start with “How to Keep ‘Em Off the Walls.” That is, unless challenges with transitions are getting you down!

Regardless of the order in which you move through these three offerings, the essential message is the same:

If you understand child development – and love and respect children as children – you will have a more positive learning environment.

The children will love and respect you in return. And they’ll be more engaged…which means they’ll be more on-task.

I don’t know when it was decided that “school” should not be a place of joy. It’s a ridiculous notion. But, of course, it was determined prior to our having any research proving otherwise.

But today, we do have that research. The science clearly shows that joy is essential to learning. In fact, educator and neurologist Judy Willis tells us that when the joy stops, so does the learning.

So, here’s to a setting in which joy presides!

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