Resources for Early Childhood

Brain Breaks!

The research is clear: the brain needs breaks if it’s going to function optimally! If you’re looking for quick and easy activities to help keep children alert and engaged, you need look no further than this guide’s 56 energizers!

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Circle Games

There’s nothing like a circle to bring about a feeling of togetherness. These 33 games can help create a sense of community and reduce challenging behaviors in your learning environment!

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Self-Regulation Games

Self-regulation, by definition, involves the ability to control emotions and actions by oneself. And how do we help the little ones do that? By making self-regulation fun! These 36 games do just that!

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Cooperative Games

Over the course of a lifetime, the opportunities to cooperate and collaborate with others – family members, spouses, coworkers, etc. – are too numerous to count! But children receive very little practice in the art of cooperation. These 42 games offer that practice!

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Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation is a learned – and necessary! – skill. But with so little downtime in their lives, today’s children receive few chances to learn it. You can help the little ones in your care achieve calm with these 33 simple activities.

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“These books are fantastic and just what we were recently discussing….Can’t wait to…share with colleagues some new ideas I have not thought about.” ~ Catherline Low, EY Educator

Reproducible Brochures

For Administrators & Policymakers. Written on a variety of topics they administrator brochures - downloadthemselves suggested these Tri-fold brochures are in PDF form and can be reproduced as often as you like.

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Reproducible Parent Letters

Written on a variety of topics suggested by early childhood educators, you can Reproducible Parent Letterseither copy these one-page communiqués and send them home, or you can share them electronically.

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