Rae Pica has been an early childhood education consultant since 1980. Dedicated to developing and educating the whole child, Rae is the author of 20 books, including the text Experiences in Movement and Music (in its 5th edition), and two of her latest books, What If Everybody Understood Child Development?: Straight Talk About Bettering Education and Children’s Lives and Acting Out! Avoid Behavior Challenges with Active Learning Games & Activities.

Rae is a former adjunct instructor for the University of New Hampshire and is currently a blogger, online course creator, and popular keynote speaker. As a consultant, she has shared her expertise with such groups as the Sesame Street Research Department, the Head Start Bureau, Centers for Disease Control, the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Gymboree, Nike, Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues, Bright Horizons, and health departments, schools, and resource and referral agencies throughout the country.

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As a consultant, Rae has shared her expertise with such groups as

  • Sesame Street Research Department
  • Head Start Bureau
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
  • Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues
  • Gymboree
  • Hasbro
  • Mattel
  • Nike
  • Bright Horizons
  • schools, parents, and state health departments throughout the country

Learn What Others are Saying

  • “Your book reassured me that it is OK for me to let [my daughter] be a kid and not give into the super kid’s mentality many parents have. THANK YOU!!!!”

    Melissa Warner
  • “I absolutely LOVED your book–this message is so very important. There have been a couple of other books on the subject, but yours was better researched and covered the topic more fully and clearly!”

    Shelley Butler, Field Guide to Parenting
  • “In this highly readable book, it’s obvious that Rae Pica understands the dilemmas and needs of parents today. With her warm and reassuring style, she offers a clear picture of the research and theory behind what’s essential in childhood – along with sound advice and practical suggestions.”

    Hedda Sharapan, Director Early Childhood Initiatives, Family Communications, Inc. producers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
  • “Useful ideas, songs, and movements to keep kids alert and engaged between activities. Excellent!”

    “Teacher Rave,” Instructor Magazine
  • “This is the best child development book I have ever read! This book is straightforward and applicable. My favorite part of your book is the section, “What’s a Teacher to Do?” The advice given in these sections is extremely useful in the classroom. it is so refreshing to read a book that gives practical application to use to solve the problems!”

    Valerie Trimble
  • Rae Pica has it just right! In Active Learning Across the Curriculum, fun and fresh activities jump off the page, and we dive into irresistible best practices in six content areas. Strikingly, this gifted author makes such great sense of extensive research in the field that we are at once absorbed into a way of thinking—rich in content, rationale and robust pedagogy. Thank you sincerely, Rae Pica, for this opportunity to join you in delivering on promises and practices, which forever enhance the lives of young children. Your astute book—crisp, concise and consistent—is, indeed, easy to pick up and hard to put down. Kudos! With great appreciation!

    Sally Durbin, National Board Certified Teacher
  • Teachers often look for new ways to teach concepts. Active Learning Across the Curriculum by Rae Pica is a wonderful addition to any elementary teacher’s professional library. “Movement is a young child’s preferred mode of learning,” is exactly right and an integral part of an early childhood classroom. This book has multiple ways of using developmentally appropriate practices to ensure children understand basic concepts. It also goes a step further as it addresses such issues as “personal space.” As an early childhood advocate, I would highly recommend this book for novice teachers and masters alike as they search for fresh ideas.

    Becky Villareal, Retired Teacher
  • “You’re an inspiration to me. I have to tell you that I was starting to question the direction of ECE and then I went to your presentation and was refilled with the reasons I got into the field. Thank you for giving me back my purpose.”

  • I wish we could bring you to this event every year!! Your inspiration and call to advocacy are truly outstanding!!”

  • “… I saw her present … in an auditorium with theatre seating, more than 500 people, and she had everyone on their feet moving around ….The down side is that she’s a hard act to follow so your next conference has to be really special!!”

  • “For those of us who believe that ‘play is the right of every child,’ this collection of non-competitive, non-embarrassing, non-eliminating, and yet fun and instructional games for young children, is highly welcomed in the early childhood community! I love the way Rae describes why each game is important in terms of cognitive, social/emotional, and physical benefits thus helping teachers articulate to parents and administrators that play is an ‘essential part’ of any curriculum for young children.”

    Marcy Guddemi, Executive Director Gesell Institute for Human Development
  • “What a pleasure to read common sense wisdom about what young children need!”

    Diane Ravitch, Research Professor of Education