In 1980, Rae began her career as the “movement lady” who went to local preschool and childcare settings, inviting children to experience the joy of movement, exploring and developing motor skills and body and spatial awareness. Rae eventually decided to “clone” herself, and hired and trained instructors to do the same. Later, she and composer Richard Gardzina teamed up to create what is now the Moving & Learning Series, allowing Rae’s work to be shared nationally and internationally.

In the mid- to late 1980s Rae taught Movement Fundamentals as an adjunct at the University of New Hampshire. A required course for physical education majors, it was also a popular choice for early childhood majors. The contrast between the two groups was fascinating! While the PE majors seemed to know little to nothing about young children, the early childhood majors knew little to nothing about doing movement with them. The experience proved to be quite the education for Rae!

Since that time, Rae has devoted herself to educating those who work and live with children. Through her presentations, books, blog posts, online courses, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more, she is devoted to ensuring children have the chance to be children and that child development guides our practices with the little ones!

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