Parents of Preschoolers!

Is trying to teach your child stressing you out? Are you overwhelmed & exhausted just by the prospect of it?



Let these Learning Games to Play at Home take the frustration out of trying to figure out what to do!

Each Learning Game is:

  • Quick & easy to implement
  • Engaging
  • Fun for both your child & you
  • Interactive & experiential — the way children learn BEST!

Save time, energy, & your sanity with these 12 sets of Learning Games that your child is sure to enjoy — while gaining much-needed skills!

Each set of Learning Games offers 10 activities & an introduction from Rae, in PDF form.

The price for one is just $4.99. But the more you order, the deeper the discount.


Emergent Literacy
Fun with Math
Fun with Fine Motor Skills
Social/Emotional Development
Fun with Life Sciences
Fun with Science Concepts
Moving & Learning Outdoors
Calming Activities

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