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You know what developmentally appropriate practice looks like in early childhood! But you may have found it challenging to describe it to parents. Or perhaps your words fell on deaf ears.

That’s where it helps to call on an outside source. Like those of a mom, a teacher’s words often go unheeded…until spoken by someone else.

Meeting the Need for Family Engagement

Parent communication is a requirement of licensing in many states, of QRIS, and of Head Start. But even if it’s not a requirement for your early childhood setting, research shows that family engagement benefits everyone: the children, the family, and you! And that’s all we want.

The Administrator brochures you just ordered will solve a lot of headaches for you. They’ll help you more effectively communicate early childhood issues to administrators and policymakers.

But those aren’t the only communication challenges you face, are they? You also have to communicate regularly with parents…who, sadly, are receiving a great deal of misinformation about what really matters for children. And parent communication brings it own set of challenges!

I Can Help!

By popular request – and based on topics early childhood educators told me they most needed addressed, I’ve created letters you can share with families. These one-page communiqués tell it like it is – briefly and in a friendly manner.

As you well know, there are some really damaging parenting myths circulating throughout our competitive society. These letters debunk the false beliefs having the greatest negative impact on children and ECE!

You’ll have immediate access to the brochures and will able to share them for years to come.

How You Can Use Them

There will be no need for uncomfortable conversations, where you wonder how to broach a topic or worry parents will see you as a “know-it-all.”

There are several possibilities for sharing these messages…

  • You can copy the one-page communiqués and send them home (put them in each child’s cubby or backpack).
  • You can share them during parent meetings.
  • Or you can share them electronically in your emails or newsletters.

And you can do so over and over again, for years to come! There is no limit to how often you reproduce these letters.

You’ll Receive:

Seven professionally written messages on vital topics that often require more understanding from parents:

Earlier Isn’t Better – Parents have been led to believe that for their children to succeed in life, the little ones must master academics as early possible. But unrealistic expectations fail to take child development into consideration and place undo pressure on children.

The Importance of Play – Nature intended the young of almost all species (including humans!) to learn through play. But play is too often seen these days as a “frill” and is being eliminated from early education and children’s lives. The negative impact is significant.

Sitting Does Not Equal Learning – When adults think of learning, they often think of sitting at desks because that’s how they learned in school. That may have made sense before we had research showing how children – and the brain – actually learn, but today we know better!

Why We Don’t Use Worksheets – Young children are active learners who require three-dimensional experiences. Although parents often see worksheets as “evidence” of what their children are learning, these static, two-dimensional instruments do not represent authentic learning.

Things You Should Know About Screen Use – As the research begins to catch up, we’re discovering some frightening effects of screen use that are not worth the risk. The more time children spend with computers, the less time they have for the experiences they need to thrive.

Why Recess (Outdoors!) Matters – The elimination or reduction of recess/outdoor play in favor of more “instructional time” shows a shocking disregard for the research about the brain’s need for breaks and about the many ways in which the mind and body must work together for optimal learning.

Why Hands and Fingers Need Attention – Today’s children are astonishingly lacking in fine motor skills. That may not seem like a big deal, but many life skills – and professions! – require the precise use of hands and fingers!

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But the PRICE Is the Best Part!

What value would you place on materials that can convince parents early academics aren’t necessary…but that play is? That explain why active learning – not worksheets – offer children optimal education experiences? That clarify that digital devices, just by virtue of being new, are not an improvement over the practices once typical in early education?

Those materials would be worth a lot, right?

I actually sell these letters on my website for $9.99 each. That’s a $69.93 value.

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So, Why Wait?

Imagine having parents who never have to ask why you’re doing “this stuff,” as the children engage in play.

Imagine having parents who understand why children need fine motor activities before trying to grasp a pencil. Who don’t demand that their children learn to read before kindergarten.

Who don’t request homework in the form of worksheets.

Imagine having parents as your allies in a quest to return early childhood education to what it should be!

It can happen…for just $19.95.

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Things You Should Know About Screen Use
Why Recess (Outdoors!) Matters
Why Hands and Fingers Need Attention
Earlier Isn’t Better
The Importance of Play
Sitting Does Not Equal Learning
Why We Don’t Use Worksheets

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