“Thank you so much! We are all in love with this program!”

~ Anita Byers, Preschool Director

“I truly loved the content and presentation!”

~ Christine Ashman, KinderCare Center Director

“Loved it all and the resources offered.”

~ Kelley Glore

Become a Champion for Play & Joyful Learning!


Tired of policies that replace play and authentic learning with worksheets and testing in early childhood education? Saddened by the children’s frustration and anxiety as they struggle to do what they’re not yet developmentally ready to do?

Discover simple strategies to educate parents, administrators, & policymakers!

Too Tired to Teach: How to Get Beyond Burnout & Find Your Joy Again


This course will help you understand what burnout is, how it differs from stress, and why those in education are more susceptible to it – now more than ever!

Learn what you can do to prevent and/or get past burnout. You’re not alone!

How to Keep ‘Em Off the Walls: Avoid Challenging Behavior
in Your Early Childhood Setting


This course gives you solid, proven methods to prevent behavior challenges before they disrupt your setting. It also shows you how to create a calmer, happier learning environment.

Children will develop friendlier feelings toward you and toward each other!

Make Transitions Trouble-Free
& Teachable!


This course not only shows you how to avoid the typical pitfalls of traditional transitions, but also how to make transitions chaos-free and learning-filled! Plus, you’ll receive many suggested activities.

Put an end to frustration. Learn how to make transitions both pleasant and productive!