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Spark a Revolution

Spark a Revolution!:
A League of Champions


Become part of a likeminded group of individuals who want to see early childhood education become what it should be!

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Become an Early
Childhood Author

5 Essential Steps to Getting Started! I want to help you become an early childhood author!

Course Description

In this masterclass, I’ll share my experiences and lessons learned during the process of writing and publishing 22 books!

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Make Transitions Trouble-Free
& Teachable!

Put an end to frustration. Learn how to make transitions both pleasant and productive!

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This course not only shows you how to avoid the typical pitfalls of traditional transitions, but also how to make transitions chaos-free and learning-filled! Plus, you’ll receive many suggested activities.

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Become a Champion for Play &
Joyful Learning!

Discover simple strategies to educate parents, administrators, & policymakers!

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Tired of policies that replace play and authentic learning with worksheets and testing in early childhood education? Saddened by the children’s frustration and anxiety as they struggle to do what they’re not yet developmentally ready to do?

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How to Keep ‘Em Off the Walls: Avoid Challenging Behavior in Your Early Childhood Setting

Solid, proven methods to prevent behavior challenges before they disrupt your setting.

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This course gives you solid, proven methods to prevent behavior challenges before they disrupt your setting. It also shows you how to create a calmer, happier learning environment.

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Too Tired to Teach: How to Get Beyond Burnout & Find Your Joy Again

Learn what you can do to prevent and/or get past burnout. You’re not alone!

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This course will help you understand what burnout is, how it differs from stress, and why those in education are more susceptible to it – now more than ever!

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On-Demand Webinars

Nurturing Children in Challenging Times

(formerly “Come Together” — revised & now with new content)

Webinar, Handout, & Certificate of Completion

A coalition of the nation’s leading experts in pediatric health has issued an urgent warning that the mental health crisis among children is so dire it’s become a national emergency. The children – and you – need more help than ever.

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll look at how you can best support children socially and emotionally during challenging times.

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Included in the content are:

  • what you might expect to see in traumatized children;
  • what struggling children do – and don’t – need;
  • actionable tips and suggested activities.

Understanding Young Children - Webinar for elementary principals - revised

“The information you presented was on target and set an underlying message for the remainder of the day as well as the remainder of the conference. Thank you again…for your expertise!”

Terry Ball, Executive Director, Maryland Association of Elementary School Principals

Understanding Young Children

A webinar for elementary school principals
Prerecorded and available on demand!

Young children aren’t like anyone else. They have unique characteristics and unique needs — because early childhood is a unique phase in the overall lifespan. In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll discover what those needs mean for their education.

Access the webinar and handout now.

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Active Learning in the Time of Covid

Webinar Recording & Bonus eBook

Teaching virtually? In the classroom but socially distancing? Wondering how to continue to offer the children developmentally appropriate experiences?

Brain Breaks coverAccess the webinar and handout now.

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