Reproducible Parent Letters


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By popular request, Rae has created letters you can share with parents. Written on a variety of topics suggested by early childhood professionals, these one-page letters are in PDF form and can either be reproduced and sent home or shared electronically.

Parent communication is a requirement of the licensing in many states, of QRIS, and of Head Start. But even if it isn’t a requirement for your early childhood setting, research shows that family engagement benefits the children. And that’s what we all want!

Unfortunately, a lot of the information parents receive is inaccurate, based on the parenting myths circulating throughout our competitive society. I want to debunk these false beliefs, and I know you do too!

Perhaps you’ve tried to communicate the messages of these letters yourself, but they fell on deaf ears. That’s where it helps to call on an outside source. Like those of a mom, a teacher’s words often go unheeded…until the same words are spoken by someone else! When parents receive these messages from an “early childhood author and consultant,” it’s my hope they’ll be inclined to believe them!

For the price of $9.99 each, 2 for $17.99 (a 10% discount), 3 for $25.49 (a 15% discount), or 6 for $47.95 (a 20% discount), you’ll have immediate access to these letters and will be able to share them with parents for years to come.