Reproducible Brochures for
Administrators & Policymakers

“I’m so excited about these handouts and can’t wait to show everyone at our school!  Thank you for creating these!” Lauren Boyle, Founder & Curriculum Director, Lupine Lane School

“These are great — such a useful resource!” ~ Kathy Brodie, Early Years Training Specialist & Author


Are you frustrated by the inability of administrators and/or policymakers to understand child development and children’s needs? Maybe you would like to speak out but want a bit of help finding the right words. Or maybe you know administrator brochures - downloadthe right words but are concerned they’ll fall on deaf ears.

That’s where an outside source can help. And it’s why early childhood educators asked Rae to produce these brochures, written on a variety of topics they themselves suggested.

Wondering how you might use them? You can:

  • Send them anonymously.
  • Simply say, “I have a brochure on this. Would you like to see it?”
  • Mail them to decision makers, adding your thoughts in an accompanying note.
  • Use the points made in the brochures as a template for something you put together yourself. Policymakers are sometimes more receptive to personalized communication, particularly if it’s accompanied by a personal story.

These tri-fold brochures are in PDF form and can be reproduced as often as you like, for as long as you like. Simply print the brochures in landscape mode and double-sided (flipped on the short edge) so they’ll fold properly.

You’ll have immediate access to these brochures and will be able to share them for years to come.

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